Representing Spinal Cord Injury Victims

XRay_20human_20body_2002An injury to your spinal cord can change your life forever. If you are experiencing symptoms such as tingling, numbness or radiating pain in your arms, legs or back following a car accident or other accident, it is important to get good medical and legal advice as soon as possible. You may have suffered spinal cord injury.

At the law firm of Schwarzkopf Law in Sacramento, California, we represent people who have suffered serious injuries in car accidents. Some symptoms may get better in time, but some may not. You may not recover 100 percent of the functions you had before if your spiral cord is damaged. It is important to seek prompt medical treatment so you can obtain as full a recovery as possible.

Damage to the spinal cord often results in some degree of paralysis. The area of the spine that is damaged usually determines how much function is lost. The higher the injury, the greater the loss.
If you suffer paraplegia (paralysis of your legs) or quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limbs) you will need ongoing medical care and therapy for the rest of your life. As your lawyers, we will consult financial planners, health care planners and other experts to help us anticipate your future needs.