Representing Brain Injury Victims

xrays1 Some people do not hesitate to tell doctors and family members about the physical symptoms they are experiencing after an accident. However, many people do not want to admit that they have experienced memory loss or got lost on the way to the store. As a result, many brain injuries go undiagnosed.
Our lawyers represent people who have suffered brain injury from trauma suffered in vehicle accidents, motorcycle crashes and other types of accidents.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Trauma to the head can cause a temporary loss of consciousness, altered mental state and concussion resulting in serious and sometimes permanent injury to the brain. The accident victim may be dazed from the accident and not even aware that they were unconscious for a period of time.
Trauma to the head in a motor vehicle can result from sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain inside of the skull. Even though there is no physical sign of injury, family members may notice symptoms such as the following:

  • Memory loss
  • Personality changes such as irritability
  • Inability to concentrate or follow instructions
  • Sleepiness

Most family practice doctors are not equipped to treat someone with a brain injury, and brain damage can be difficult to detect using a MRI or CT scan. It is important for potential brain injury victims to see specialists such as neuropsychologists to fully ascertain the extent of their injuries.