Representing Motorcycle Accident Victims

bike crash motorbikeAlmost any accident involving a motorcycle can result in serious injuries. When a careless driver makes a left hand turn in front of a motorcycle or runs into a motorcycle at an intersection, the person on the bike usually faces a costly hospital stay followed by months of rehabilitation. Even after the motorcyclist recovers, he or she may be left with scars from road rash or permanent impairments. At the law firm of Schwarzkopf Law in Sacramento, California, our lawyers hold careless drivers accountable.

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers who don’t “see” the motorcyclists. However, after the accident, the insurance company representing the other driver will try to find a way to blame the accident on the biker. Insurance companies like to portray bikers as risk-takers who speed and weave in and out of traffic. Our lawyers are prepared to dispel insurance company arguments that are based on bias against motorcyclists.

Motorcycle Accidents and Construction Debris

Motorcycle riders are more affected by road defects and construction debris than four-wheeled vehicles. If your motorcycle accident was caused by dangerous or poorly maintained roads, our lawyers will see to hold the municipality responsible.

Representing Bicycle Accident Victims

In California, bicyclists have the same rights as people who are in cars. That is the law. However, the perceptions on our streets often don’t match the reality in our courts. Our lawyers represent people who have suffered serious injuries in bicycle accidents caused by negligent drivers who don’t respect the rules of the road. Most bicycle accidents are caused by drivers who don’t look for bikes at intersections or crosswalks, or do not keep a safe distance from bikes when passing them.

Like motorcyclists, people who ride bicycles often face bias from car drivers. Insurance companies take advantage of this bias by attempting to blame car-bike collisions on the bicyclist. Our lawyers are prepared to dispel insurance company arguments that are based on our car culture’s bias against bicycles. Road defects that a driver of a car or truck would not even think about can cause severe injuries to people riding bicycles. Our lawyers represented a bicycle rider who was injured when he fell to the pavement after the front wheel of his bike became entrapped in a storm grate. We were able to hold the municipality responsible for the poorly designed storm grate. If you are injured in a bicycle accident caused by construction debris or other unsafe road conditions, you may be entitled to compensation from the municipality responsible for maintaining the roads.